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Get Paid to Date: Up to $250 Per Date. Here’s How.

Since 2007, I’ve been actively looking for ways to earn money both online and through unconventional means offline and getting paid to go on dates couldn’t get anymore unconventional.

I’m sure this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

But if you’re in your peak and would love to eat out for free, receive gifts, and socialize in exchange for cash, then this can be a side cash opportunity you didn’t know you needed.

Insider featured a single mom who was getting paid $200 for every first-dates, while this young New Yorker earned $1,000 weekly just by taking on dinner dates with different men.

How Does It Work?

The idea behind get-paid-to-date companies is that they take away the trouble of finding a date for important occasions, such as attending a wedding, family reunions, business dinners, and other events.

With Bumble and other dating apps, you get to meet people, go on several dates, try to see if there’s a spark, before you’d be able to willingly let him/her meet your parents.

But what if you need someone to accompany you next weekend, but isn’t ready to date yet or have no time to socialize.

This is when services like these shine the brightest.

The rules of finding a date to hire on these sites or apps vary, but the end goal is the same: to find someone who will accompany you to a particular event or even just a meal with all expectations, details of the date already laid out for both parties to accept or reject.

  • Bidding sites – There are websites that follow a bidding system, where the person “selling” their time goes on a date on whoever bids the highest.
  • Dating app – Others look similar to a dating app, except some restrictions have been put in place. For example, all users are required to upload their pictures and personal details, but only the paying users can send a message to those for-hire.
  • Classified ads – Some companies take a classified ads approach. Those looking for a date post their budget, details of the date (when, what time, etc.) and wait for those for-hire to message their interest.
  • Tinder-like – There are even apps that copy most of Tinder’s features. The only difference is that the goals of the date-finder are declared upfront, so no one is expecting to find their soulmates or anything like it.

Others may have different approaches, but they have a couple of similarities, including:

  • Fees: Most of these companies take a percentage of the membership fees to continue providing the platform.
  • Not illegal: Many of these get-paid-to-date websites clarify that they are not an escort service.
  • Physical contact not required: You’ll read on all of these platforms that sex or any physical contact is not required during the date. In fact, these websites encourage users to report any user who proposition another person for sex.

What to Expect on the Date

The “date” can be anything from attending concerts to going to the beach, or just sitting down one afternoon in a coffee shop.

There are tourists who look for dates locally, so they can check out hot spots and eat out at local restaurants without having to worry about doing it alone, or translating English to another language.

In some cases, the date could mean something more formal, such as business dinners, award night, and so on.

The good thing about these get-paid-to-date sites is that they require paid members looking for people to hire to indicate as much details about the date as possible. This goes beyond the basics (such as date, time, location, what kind of event).

Listing down everything they expect will happen on the date is important, since the people for-hire rely on these details when deciding to go on that particular date or not.

How Much Can You Get Paid to Go on Dates?

Paid daters can earn anywhere from $50 to $500 on each date. You will be paid cash either before or after the date. Payment details are one of the information you’ll be supplied to before accepting a date.

Most websites don’t have limits to the amount of dates you accept, which means you can commit to a few or a lot if you want.

Of course, this industry is totally about physical appearances. How much a person for-hire earns will directly depend on how attractive he/she is.

4 Things You Should Know

  1. The target market of these services are good looking women (and men) who are non-traditional and are perfectly OK with getting paid to date.
  2. Those with looks head-turning enough to attract more people can make over $1,000 a week if they do this full-time.
  3. While many of these get-paid-to-date services claim that you can get paid to date rich men and women, it’s usually more dominated by young women selling their time to older, more financially-stable men than powerful women seeking attractive men as dates.
  4. There are no rules that ban you from going on a second date with another person, even if the next one has no cash involved.

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Like any kind of dating these days, there is a risk of danger with making money dating other people.

Of course, we’re talking about strangers here, so take extra caution throughout the date. You might be put in a position where you’d be forced to do something you didn’t sign up for.

4 Get Paid to Date Websites and Apps

Here are some of the most popular websites and apps that allow you to earn money from dating:

  1. WhatsYourPrice – This one is an auction/bidding rent-a-date site. It claims that users can “meet attractive people who otherwise may have been out of your league.”
  2. Ohlala – Dubs itself “the dating app designed to empower female users” mainly because they let women choose date requests listed by paying male members.
  3. ProDate – On this website, you set the price and keep 100% of your fee.
  4. RentaDate – This website focuses primarily on looks, but works in providing a platform for those in need of a date. Unlike other sites above, Rent-a-Date actually hires people, so you’d be applying for work via their website and completing an interview before you can begin dating.

The Bottom Line

WhatsYourPrice spokesperson Heather Ebert described their service as this: “By attaching a monetary value to a date, singles tend to take dating more seriously. Our members are able to cut through the noise and avoid an endless cycle of messaging so they can get straight to the date.”

It would’ve been a perfect explanation for making money dating, but what I find not OK is how this industry zooms in on our society’s obsession with good looks (over personality).

That said, beauty is still in the eye’s of the beholder, so if you’re interested in dating men or women for cash, the websites above are your best bet.

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